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Mary von Krusenstiern

MaryFarm Manager

Mary von Krusenstiern, Farm Manager for Loganita, maintains specialty vegetable and herb crops in Loganita’s full potential, bio-intensive culinary garden. She works closely with chef Blaine Wetzel at The Willows Inn on Lummi Island to select crops and varieties, determine product amount needed, and arrange delivery times. Mary is an accomplished organic grower on small-scale vegetable operations and is the founding farmer at Loganita Farm. Mary specializes in growing unique culinary crops for the Willows and is known for her strong work ethic, meticulous crop planning, and dedication to growing and delivering top quality products. Often, her young son Trell accompanies her on the farm. When not farming, Mary enjoys spending time in the North Cascades, playing music with her bluegrass band, and spending time with her son.