Loganita FarmLoganita Farm


Loganita LodgeLoganita, the culinary garden for the Willows Inn, started as a farm in the late 1800’s, and became a farm resort in the early 1900’s. Guests would pick berries for jam, go boating in the islands, and swim at the beach.

During its heyday as a resort, the grounds accommodated a large chicken coop, a barn, gardens, a tea house, a post office, a beauty parlor, a gas station, a water tower, a large gliding swing and a dance hall along with a number of guest cottages. The advent of World War II closed Loganita’s resort operations, although Loganita was revived as a bed & breakfast and retreat in the late 1900’s. Today, Loganita has returned to its roots as a private family home and small farm.

We welcome you to enjoy a peaceful retreat at Loganita, and tour the gardens.